Laser Engraving, Laser Marking & Custom Laser Cut

D&M Laser Cat

Laser Cut

Our laser cut service offers the possibility to cut all kinds of shapes in all kinds sizes. We provide you with a combination of precision and versatility, achieving greater accuracy in all your pieces. In addition to laser cutting in wood (the most requested), we also can do acrylic, fabric, methacrylate, leather, and various plastics. Ask us!


Laser Engraving

In addition to laser cutting or marking, we also work with the laser engraving process. D&M Laser Cat allows you to decorate your gifts, products, or merchandise in the most original way and helps you create unforgettable memories. Apart from wood, we have a system for engraving on glass, leather, fabric, acrylic, etc… from your favorite photos to logos, or any kind of signs & labels, you can engrave anything!

Laser Marking

Also, we create personalized products and gifts using the marking technique, a more subtle style than engraving, but equally durable. One of the main advantages of laser marking is its ability to create permanent and high-quality marks. We don’t just create products, we create memories!

Take a look at some of our Custom pieces using different techniques: Engraving, Cutting & Marking

What D&M Laser Cat can do for you?

Whatever you like!

Our laser techniques are highly versatile, and thanks to the different processes we use (custom marking, cutting, and engraving), along with all the materials we work with, we can create unique pieces: the options and possibilities are limitless. We can produce singular creations based on the designs you provide us with, or we can also offer you design proposals elaborated to your tastes or needs. There is a wide range of products focused on decoration, crafts, ornaments, packaging, and branding with which we can help you stand out!