Design your level curves & topographic models: we will cut them!

Once we have the design of your level curves & topographic models, we use our laser to produce the mock ups (in wood or other materials). The level curves & topographic models are always to scale, realistic and as exact as you need

What kind of architectural models can we produce?

We are experts in architectural models and we specialize in level curves and topographic models – all made to your specifications.

Our architectural models always adapt to the specified budget and the execution time you set. The level curves & topographic models mock ups are made with the latest laser cutting technology, obtaining reliable results in the shortest time.

What do we take into account for the production of level curves and topographic models?

We make level curves & topographic models (especially for  for architecture students) according to your needs, taking into account the following factors:

  • provided design
  • manufacturing time
  • required scale
  • aesthetic finishings
  • type of material


*We work with different materials.

How do we calculate the budget for the architectural models?

To calculate the budget for level curves & topographic models, we take into account the following information:

Date and place of delivery of the architectural model

Technical information that you provide us with: plans, renders, photographs, etc.

Type of material to use

Max. size of the pieces to be cut 600mm X 900mm. Larger sizes are going to be made in multiple pieces.