Wooden Earrings

Wooden Jewelry - Timeless and eco earrings

For the moment, at D&M Laser Cat we have started the manufacture of wooden earrings: they are versatile, light and very pleasant to wear.

We have our own collection of wooden earrings, a collection that we are gradually increasing but also we receive orders for custom designs, some of which are extremely original.

Why buy wooden jewelry?

Lately,  the trend is to buy wooden jewelry, mainly due to the fact that those pieces are made manually and sustainably, all of them from natural materials, thus generating less waste harmful to the environment.

At D&M Laser Cat we do not use any polluting chemical products in the production of our eco earrings. Therefore, in addition to being environmentally friendly, all of our wooden earrings are hypoallergenic and harmless to the skin.


Why wooden earrings are so special?

You can select the style you prefer the most for your wooden earrings – we produce modern, casual and timeless designs.

Due to the fact that we do manual production, it is very easy for us to produce personalized & custom earrings for all tastes.

How long does wooden jewelry last?

With proper treatment and care, your eco earrings can last years and you can wear them any time of the year. Wooden earrings never go out of style!

Other qualities of Wooden Earrings

Eco Earrings Weigth

You have never worn something so light! As wood, normally, has low density the wooden earrings that we produce are ultra light.

This means that, unlike heavier jewelry, eco earrings do not cause aesthetic problems such as elongation of the lobes or the dilation of holes.

Our wooden earrings are so light that you will forget you are wearing them!


How to order your custom wooden earrings?

Very easy: if you want something special or you want personalized eco earrings for yourself or for an event (for example, bachelorette parties) all you have to do is tell us the quantity you want and send us the design of what you are looking for.
Personalized wooden earrings offer the possibility of creating pieces of different shapes and sizes with truly original designs.