Custom Events with D&M Laser Cat

Custom events – a great way to ensure your event is unique and memorable for all attendees. Personalize your event and make sure it suits all your needs and that it reflects 100%  your personality and style. Create a unique atmosphere!

You can customize your event in several ways. One of the most popular is through decoration. You can use thematic colors and elements that reflect yourself. You can also use personalized decorative elements, such as welcome signs, custom party favors, personalized place names or custom guest books, for example. Take a look!

* Tell us what kind & quantity of party favors you are looking for and we will send you a proposal in 24-48 hours


Custom Events with special Party Favors

Are you preparing an event or a party? Do you want your guests to keep a nice memory of it? We can help you create custom party favors such as key rings, coasters, place names, magnets and much more with dates, names, or even photographs… your guest will be dazzled!

Our personalized party favors are usually made of wood, but we can also produce them in plastic (although it is not that eco), fabric and leather, and engravings on glass.

Custom Events with Custom Party Lanterns

In addition to custom party favors we can also help you decorate your event, for example, with wooden party lanterns. You can place candles or led lights inside our party lanterns to illuminate your event – create a magical and unique space in seconds.

As well as with our custom party favors, tell us what you are looking for and we will help you out.  You can even customize the design of your wooden party lanterns if you want. All you have to do is send us your design and we will make it happen.

Custom Events with Personalized Place Names

If you have a party or an event with many guests, it is recomendable to use custom place names and what better way to do it than in wood and use some pretty typography? Also, we give you the option to get place names which can be magnets – if you want a cool design, do not hesitate to tell us or to send you the one you like the most! If you are planning a themed party, this can be a great idea.

We make it very easy for you to create your custom place names: send us a list of names and the font you would like us to use and that’s it!

Custom Guest Books - Top Seller!

Lately, it has become very fashionable to have a custom guest books, be it in the shape of a heart or any other shape.

Do you want a fill-in custom guest book (like the heart-shaped example) or you just want a board with information about your special day and have people write their best wishes?

Whatever you choose, it will be one of the most beautiful and personalized reminders of your special day. Ask us or take a quick peek at the top-selling example in our store. Don’t forget that we can produce custom guest books, 100% as you like them.

Let us help you make your day even more special! Custom party favors, custom lanterns, welcome signs or place names, custom guest books: custom events are our specialty!